Of Wood & Plastic & The Difference Between A Championship Winning Horse Jump Or Not

Everyone who dreams of being successful at showjumping and horse racing also dreams of owning their own championship level horse someday. But what gets the horse and its rider to this level? Hours and years of training, as if you did not already know this. But perhaps you and your prized horse have been hammering at it for far too long already. Perhaps you have been through several colts already.

And you and your horse have as yet got nothing to show for all the hard miles that have been put in. Once upon a time they said no pain, no gain. But years later, many championship winning riders and their mares learnt that this was so untrue. It was impractical and, particularly for the horses as it turned out, quite painful. If you are still lucky enough to be entered into those showjumping events, have you not noticed the difference.

Have you not noticed the difference in appearance and performance those horse jump cups are making? Here then is a quick tale of the tape. It is the tale of wood and plastic and the difference between a championship winning horse jump, or not. Plastic has had its day. Not only is it so outrĂ©, it is quite dangerous. Specialist veterinary surgeons noticed the difference this makes on the horse’s performance and wellbeing.

horse jump cups

No matter how well the horse may jump, there is always a chance that its delicate ankles are going to clip those jumping cups and poles. The horses have already sensed the pain of jumping plastic cups and instinctively hold themselves back from it. It is time to go back to wood. The trainers agree that it is much safer.