Why The Extremely Clean Feline Will Need A Specialist Dentist

feline dentistry

The clean feline in this curious case is your prized house cat. You love her to tidbits and god forbid that anything bad should happen to her. Like falling ill. Or falling pregnant in the lane and withdrawing to your bedroom cupboard to have a batch of kitties. Although, if you love cats this much, you might not mind. Then again, as often happens in suburban life, there simply is no space for more. So, good homes would have to be found for these poor, cute little creatures.

That’s quite a stretch, given that there don’t seem to be too many people about that love the feline species as much as you do. If they like animals at all, they’d much prefer to have a hound in their yard. Oh well, it’s still a good thing. At least they still like the creatures. Unlike dogs, cats are the cleanest of creatures around. That may be why you love her so much. You’re a clean person too. You take good care of your hygiene and never forget to brush your teeth at least three times a day.

Speaking of which, just how is a poor cat supposed to brush its teeth. There is a solution. Long before tooth decay needs to find its way through the feline’s jaw, you can take your cat down to a specialist veterinary practice and let her be treated with a specialist dose of feline dentistry. Now, that’s a really smart move, even she would purr. But is she one of those creatures that’s afraid to travel in the car with you?

Let’s hope not, because to make sure that she stays in good health, you’re going to need to get her to the vet on a regular basis.