Let Your Inner Cowboy Out

If your hero is Annie Oakley and watching a John Wayne cowboy movie is your idea of a perfect Saturday afternoon, then living the life of a cowboy is your next natural step. At least for a week anyway.

There are lots of dude ranches in what we would think of as the wild west where the intrepid vacationer can pay to work as a ranch hand for the week.

The romance of the cowboy has long been an essential part of American culture. The tradition started in the 1500s and it lasted until the mid-1900s. Technology changed over time, but essentially the job remained the same; moving cattle from one place to another.

western cattle drive vacation lovell

You really get to do the job

On a western cattle drive vacation lovell you get a feeling of what it is like to be a cowboy. Up at dawn watching the sun, eating under the stars around a campfire and with as much or as little work-work to do as you please. You are on vacation after all.

What you can expect

The day will start early and you will fit in with the activities that need to take place on the ranch. Feeding, branding, rounding up and moving cattle or horses. You can expect to be wildly hungry; a day’s work in the fresh air will do that for you, but you will be working, so don’t worry about extra calories.

If you’re not used to sitting on a horse all day, and honestly, which vacationer is going to be, get some full days of practice in otherwise it is going to be a shock.

Duct Tape

Take duct tape with you. Really! There are lots of things it can do, and one of them is protecting sore legs.

Where Large Horses And Small Dogs Go To Be Treated

Most readers have small dogs and cats on their hands. But there are a group of readers out there who own at least one horse or pony, mainly for recreational use. Because urban property is at a premium and not feasible for the safe custody of large animals like horses and ponies, these owners need to hire a small stable out in the country. And that, in itself, is not a bad thing. Because if they can manage the cost of a stable, they will be able to respond positively to, sometimes, necessary injured horse treatment plainfield nh services.

injured horse treatment plainfield nh

And what’s nice about this necessary service is that it is located out in the country too. What better environment could you think of to provide the injured horse or ill dog with its rest and recuperation? Healing, treatment and care cannot be faulted because collectively over one hundred years of veterinary experience is being provided. A countryside surgery with more than thirty years of service to the surrounding communities and its faithful creatures is in full operation.

Caring, healing treatment is always made available to sick, lame and injured animals, large or small, domestic or from the farm. If necessary, surgery will always be provided. Surrounding farms have the convenience of farm calls. This is good for emergencies and newborn deliveries. Speaking of which, reproductive services as well as dental care is being provided by the center. And now there is so much more that domestic and agricultural animal owners can do to prolong the health and life of their animals, now that they are being treated to preventative health care services as well.

Take a drive out into the country if you can and experience a holistic approach to your animals’ wellbeing.

Finding Pre-Owned Farm Equipment

pre owned farm equipment bolivar mo

Being a farmer takes a lot of work and a lot of effort, and you need to be sure that you can get ahead of any problems before they come up. Your equipment is a major part of what you’re trying to do on the farm. How are you supposed to feel good about what it is that you’re doing? Can you find pre owned farm equipment bolivar mo that will make doing your daily work that much easier for you? And how do you find it at an affordable price for your needs?

Whenever you start to look at what may be happening here, you will find that there are a lot of ways in which you may want to try and get exactly what it is that you may need in regards to your budget and situation. As time goes on, you want to be able to have tools and such that will help you to stay ahead of everything and that will allow you to get the best results for the work you’ve put into it. 

By taking that time to learn and see what could be going on and how you may want to try and get ahead of the things that are going to come your way, you will find that being a farmer can be much easier with all of the things that may come along in the meantime. You have a lot of way to actually work out what you need to purchase and you want to find the methods that make the most sense in relation to your budget and how you’re going to want to get everything taken care of in a fashion that makes sense for you. In the end, that’s going to be what makes the difference.

What You Can Expect To Read About In Your Pet And Canine Friendly Online Blog


The blog is particularly useful for those readers who, although they love the animals dearly, still have a lot to learn before acquiring their first every puppy. Blogs and websites like ravenhillrussells.com are not just animal and canine friendly, they are user and reader friendly too. Even hesitant readers will be given new encouragement to move a little closer towards owning and caring for a first pet. The online information gives the readers a sense that it has all been put together quite sincerely by a group of people who are well and truly in love with the animal species.

Here is a brief indication of what you can expect to read about. At the time of writing this pet and canine friendly article, a friendly chat about home friendly dog species has been archived. It is easy to pull out the story from your laptop or mobile. There are beautiful photo slides attached to these stories, giving you a clear indication of what a child friendly canine companion looks like. Among the many canine species included in this narrative are the bulldog, Labrador retriever, golden retriever and beagle.

For more than twenty years now, the Labrador has been America’s most popular canine pet. It is also quite popular in the United Kingdom. Just a little more research can tell you just how well these domestic friendly dogs will do in your country if you are not from these parts. Or you could just field a quick question to your friendly online scribe. He or she will be glad to help you out. Labradors have loads of energy and they are also quite sweet around the kids.

Much smaller, bulldogs may not be as handsome but they are loyal to the bone.

Of Wood & Plastic & The Difference Between A Championship Winning Horse Jump Or Not

Everyone who dreams of being successful at showjumping and horse racing also dreams of owning their own championship level horse someday. But what gets the horse and its rider to this level? Hours and years of training, as if you did not already know this. But perhaps you and your prized horse have been hammering at it for far too long already. Perhaps you have been through several colts already.

And you and your horse have as yet got nothing to show for all the hard miles that have been put in. Once upon a time they said no pain, no gain. But years later, many championship winning riders and their mares learnt that this was so untrue. It was impractical and, particularly for the horses as it turned out, quite painful. If you are still lucky enough to be entered into those showjumping events, have you not noticed the difference.

Have you not noticed the difference in appearance and performance those horse jump cups are making? Here then is a quick tale of the tape. It is the tale of wood and plastic and the difference between a championship winning horse jump, or not. Plastic has had its day. Not only is it so outrĂ©, it is quite dangerous. Specialist veterinary surgeons noticed the difference this makes on the horse’s performance and wellbeing.

horse jump cups

No matter how well the horse may jump, there is always a chance that its delicate ankles are going to clip those jumping cups and poles. The horses have already sensed the pain of jumping plastic cups and instinctively hold themselves back from it. It is time to go back to wood. The trainers agree that it is much safer.

Good News For All Small Farm Owners Worried About Securing Their Properties With Gates

It does not matter how effective and well-armed your nearby law enforcement agency is, securing your property is always going to be a challenge, and it is incumbent upon you to be security conscious at all times and involve your trusted hands to be part and parcel of the self-driven security exercises. While it is nice to know that your law enforcement agencies are among the finest in the world, and that you have the support and vigilant co-operation of your neighborhood watch teams (of which you and your staff are also members), you are never entirely able to rest easy at night.

You literally sleep with one eye open and your rifle butt close by. You are worried whether there has been further tampering of your gates at night. Cameras have to be on all night to monitor the comings and goings of would-be or potential thieves. Locks can be picked and these thieves have most lock-picking tricks up their sleeves. But see how quickly and easily they can pick their way through automatic gates for farms.

Start your timer now. Be patient as the clock ticks away. Because you could well be sitting around until the next day at noon to see if that obtuse cattle raider has managed to succeed. That’s the thing about these automatic gates. Only you and your trusted staff members can open and close them. Patrolling your property at any time of the day becomes easier as well. Being in a remote area of the country, you need to be security conscious at all times, never leaving your vehicle.

automatic gates for farms

And when you need to do so, you can open or close your gates without having to leave your vehicle.

Are You In Need of Dog Grooming?

dog grooming Denver

When you have a dog or other pet, you want to do everything in your power to make sure that you can get the most out of whatever you may be trying to take care of. How often do you think about their oral health? What sorts of things can you do to make it easier on them and what can you do, as their owner, to make sure it all works out? Have you thought about getting dog grooming Denver taken care of for your pet?

Grooming issues are very common in dogs and cats alike, and if you aren’t really looking at this area of their health, they will end up having issues in other parts of their health and wellness as well. That being said, how can you make sure that you’re giving them the right care? You can look at a lot of different resources and be sure that, no matter what is going on, you will be better prepared to take care of them and all that they may need in terms of grooming as well.

Taking that time to see what’s going on and to learn about your pets’ grooming needs can be a pretty big deal, so make sure that you explore what’s out there and find whatever you may need to make it all work out the way that you need it to. You will find a lot of great options that will make sense for your needs and your pet will be a lot happier with the way that they are going to feel as well. Talk to your vet or your groomer to see what the best course of action would be for your particular needs and concerns and make an appointment for a grooming soon.

Why The Extremely Clean Feline Will Need A Specialist Dentist

feline dentistry

The clean feline in this curious case is your prized house cat. You love her to tidbits and god forbid that anything bad should happen to her. Like falling ill. Or falling pregnant in the lane and withdrawing to your bedroom cupboard to have a batch of kitties. Although, if you love cats this much, you might not mind. Then again, as often happens in suburban life, there simply is no space for more. So, good homes would have to be found for these poor, cute little creatures.

That’s quite a stretch, given that there don’t seem to be too many people about that love the feline species as much as you do. If they like animals at all, they’d much prefer to have a hound in their yard. Oh well, it’s still a good thing. At least they still like the creatures. Unlike dogs, cats are the cleanest of creatures around. That may be why you love her so much. You’re a clean person too. You take good care of your hygiene and never forget to brush your teeth at least three times a day.

Speaking of which, just how is a poor cat supposed to brush its teeth. There is a solution. Long before tooth decay needs to find its way through the feline’s jaw, you can take your cat down to a specialist veterinary practice and let her be treated with a specialist dose of feline dentistry. Now, that’s a really smart move, even she would purr. But is she one of those creatures that’s afraid to travel in the car with you?

Let’s hope not, because to make sure that she stays in good health, you’re going to need to get her to the vet on a regular basis.

Now, You Do Know This; Animals Also Need Their Supplements

The human body and its mind is a fascinating and curious sort. It is a complex minefield at best. Medical scientists are still hard at work trying to understand it. At least they are trying. In the meantime, the layman and woman go only so far as the city’s museum or local zoo to educate their children of the human origins and all the wonderful species that came and went since the beginning of life as we know it on earth.  

horse supplements

It is such a pity that, even today, not enough schools are emphasizing the importance of botany studies for the young kids. Animals are, in essence, all quite beautiful, but in reality; a lot of cruelty prevails against animal species, even if unintended through ignorance. And with the increase of obesity and other related diseases among many families, it is only in the last few years that people are becoming more aware of the significance of maintaining their health for a good long life.

It is also the case today, that more folks are taking time out to understand animal species. They are beginning to recognize how such knowledge can benefit their survival. Not just of the animal species but the entire human race. At least those who have animals in their custody, have an ongoing appreciation of their species. Cattle farmers and those who specialize in the equine species have already been introduced to the beneficial use of horse supplements by their specialist veterinary surgeons.

As for the ordinary layman and woman, he and she are becoming more aware that natural supplements are required to restore them to good, all-round health and improve the quality of their health for the long term and for their survival.

Finding A Good Local Vet

I have always given all of my dogs their shots on my own.  The reason for this is because it is far less expensive than taking them to the vet, and it is something that I know how to do.  However, when one of my dogs got sick, that meant that I needed to find a veterinary hospital palm harbor as soon as I possibly could.  Because I love my dogs so much, however, I did not want to take either of them to a vet that I was not certain I could trust to give them the best treatment possible.  That is the reason why I decided to look at what other dog owners were saying about the vets in the area before I took my dog in.  I ended up reading a whole bunch of customer reviews in order to get a good idea as to which vet was the best.

veterinary hospital palm harbor

There were many reviews out there in regards to this topic, which meant there was a bunch of info available to me.  Some complained that certain vets were constantly trying to upsell their customers by using scare tactics, and others said that they were not the best when it came to dealing with animals.  These were the vets that I definitely wanted to avoid, as I know how to take care of my dogs and I always want them to feel comfortable when going to the vet.

After doing my research, I found a vet that got many rave reviews for the work that they do, and I decided to take my dog there.  My research paid off, and I was very happy with this vet.  This is the place I will take my dogs if I need to in the future.